About us

Once upon a time our general manager Sergey fell in love with Austria. 20 years ago, he decided to move here and to set up a DMC with the goal to share his love to Austria with many others, with tourists from all over the world.

By the time, he gathered a strong team around him, all of them enthusiasts and tourism professionals for the Austrian mountains and cities.

In 2014 Melur expanded its work as a professional ski-DMC and added Italian skiing resorts to its portfolio, founding its daughter-company Melur srl and hiring some Italian tourism professionals – not only for the skiing product, but also for the beach and the Italian art cities. So, it came that we expanded our product-portfolio and our work in those areas as well.

So, today we are a multi-lingual team of experts for

·        Skiing vacation in Austria and Italy

·        Beach vacation in Italy

·        City tours and wellness tourism in Austria and Italy.


We are very proud of our spirit that makes us grow in all directions:

·        By the time, we could grow to approx. 500 direct contracts with hotels ensuring best rates and deals thanks to our long and sincere cooperation.

·        Also, we are working with long-approved service partners to assure the best quality for the best time of the year.

·        On the other side, we are happy and proud that tour operators and travel agents from all over the world trust in us and our services, so that we may welcome 40.000 satisfied guests per year in Austria and Italy. So we are proud that we are the DMC in Austria and Italy for the biggest tour operator in Eastern Europe – TEZ Tour getting his customers from 9 countries.


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